Students Council


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Student Council


.Regulations for student Committee at the College of Arts for Girls- Abha

Name of Committee : Student Committee at College of Arts for Girls - Abha 

​Committee Structure :Dean of the College as head of the committee

Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs as a member and deputy head of the committee

Membership of at least four students and not exceeding ten, representing all departments of the college. Selection of students must be based on their Cumulative Grade Point Average, their good reputation, and their contributions to serving the university, its students, and the community at large

 The head of the committee (the dean) may invite to the committee meetings anyone she feels needed

The committee is responsible to discuss students issues presented by them to the dean that she chooses to review in the committee and within the university rules and regulations 

A meeting report must be prepared including topics discussed and recommendations made 

The dean may take suitable actions within her authority relating to the committees recommendations, other than that it should be referred to the college board

The committee meets twice every semester and is valid with the attendance of two third of its members