E - learning module


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1. Scope of work in the unit:

    .Activation of e-learning at the college

2. Quality of services carried out by the Unit:
.Training courses for faculty members and students
.Provide advice and support to faculty members and students
.Open labs and coordinate electronic tests

 3. Powers of the Head of the Unit:

      Perform the tasks assigned to it

  4 - Number of workers in the unit and the tasks of each of them:

 Number: Seven



Unit members


Supervisor Unit

 Coordination between the College and the Deanship in all areas of learning
Preparation, implementation and follow-up plan to activate e-learning in college
Coordinate with the Deanship of e-learning regarding the needs of the college
 Related training of faculty members in e-learning
Provide a quarterly report on the progress of the elearning plan in
 College with predetermined reporting times
Presenting successful experiences in the college to the committee of learning coordinators
Coordinate the process of nomination of the College considers suitable for learning awards
Coordinate with the Deanship of e-learning to provide a library of content
 In college


Secretary of Unit

Receive incoming mail and log out
Organize the unit archives
Receiving phone calls
Prepare your correspondence
Use of computer applications

Number 2 specialized elearning

Communicate with faculty members and market the idea of ​​e-learning to them
Training of faculty according to group divisions and skills
Develop policies and plans to activate e-learning
Provide advice and support to colleges and faculty in the building of courses and e-teaching.
Follow-up of members after training, making sure they do not encounter any obstacles, and directing them to optimal applications if needed
Evaluating the applications of members, and raising the activation reports for those interested
Communicate with the supervisor of the e-learning unit in the college to inform them about the progress of the process in the college, what obstacles, and try to reach together to solve this problem

Technical laboratories

Ensuring the readiness and efficiency of laboratory equipment at all times to preserve the properties of elearning
Coordination of electronic tests, plant reservations and support
Maintain and update the programs and laboratory equipment periodically (once a month)
Pre-testing and training
Ensure that all laboratory equipment is closed before  Technical support for laboratories and users
Support and support the specialists to perform their duties
Send a monthly report of the events of the plant and its problems and performance at the headquarters of the College for those interested
Limiting and providing laboratory needs
Commitment to open labs for students and members during the working hours


Laboratory Supervisor (Morning)

Supervision of laboratories in the morning
Training of female students

Supervisor of Laboratories (Evening)


Supervision of plants in the evening