(Kindergarten) and (nursery)


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((Kindergarten Baram)) ((Ajyal Nursery))

The kindergarten and kindergarten at the Faculty of Arts for Girls in Abha were created for the urgent need of all staff members of the faculty, employees and students as well as visitors by placing their children in a safe place and nearby relatives, some of them infants and young children, and helping kindergarten children to teach them and instill Islamic faith in them. The importance of the family and the awareness of their physical needs and maintain their bodies and strengthen them through the development of healthy habits and sound in the play and comfort and sleep and food and drink and instilling habits of security and safety, whether in the house or street or kindergarten


The kindergarten schedule is as follows:

Morning series - Quran and recitation - Breakfast - Teaching unit - Toys - Teaching numbers and letters Arabic and English - Skills education.


Kindergarten and nursery fees:

Faculty member: (400) riyals per month

Employee: (250) riyals per month

Student: (100) riyals per month

Visiting child: (10) riyals per hour