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The Department of Arabic Language at the College of Arts for Girls in Abha at King Khalid University was one of the first departments established in the university. This was in 1401H. Since then, the department has been entrusted with establishing the Arabic language and serving it in a manner worthy of its status.



And is it more important than being a universal language, when God honored it with the descent of the Qur'aan, as it appears in the verse, "The Spirit of the faithful has descended upon your heart to be among those who warn in a clear Arabic tongue." It is obligatory for every Muslim, Arab or non-Arab, Because the sense of spirit and sense flows from among the letters that organize their words, and the evidence that the translation of Arabic words into English, for example, deprived of his soul, and shows a static lack of sense and beauty, and so it is true that we say : Arabic is a language that enriches our minds and our hearts. It was and remains the language of science and literature.



Thanks to us and thanks to it, and to enjoy the status enjoyed by God, the Department seeks leadership and members of the care that deserves to be taught, and in the activities aimed at supporting the presence and desired paper, and what is provided in the field of scientific research and what is provided in the community service, which provides scientific partnerships with a number of Scientific institutions.

                                                                                              D / Khadija conservation
                                                                                          Head of the Department of Arabic Language