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Our talents increase her father's beauty Under the patronage of His Excellency the Vice-Chancellor of the Faculties of Girls Prof. Khaled Abou Malha He established the Center for Talent and Creativity at King Khalid University Exhibition entitled Abha the capital of Arab tourism On Thursday, 1438/7/16 At the Faculty of Science Theater at 10 am Abha the capital of Arab tourism            
The Office of Student Activity In cooperation with Al-Fanar Reader and Club Industry Club Challenge field contest On Tuesday, 1438/6/29 In the courtyard of the building B From 10 to 12 hours
His Highness the team of volunteer thought The effectiveness of the meal is called in the dark On Wednesday evening, 23/3/1438 In Abha Mall In solidarity with people with visual disabilities  
Under the patronage of the Deanship of Student Affairs   anar Club has established a program entitled Two years of packages and renewal of the sale of King Salman On Wednesday and Thursday, 1438/6/23 - 1438/6/24 In the public arena for female students
History Department Lecture entitled Mecca in the light of the writings of the classics and respond to the fabrications of orientalists Presented by Dr. Hassan Ahmed Hassan On Monday, 1438/6/28 At nine in the morning
Faculty of Arts for Girls in Abha Congratulations and congratulations For the student Badriya Ayed Mohammed Al Shahrani Islamic studies at the first level On the occasion of its research National Drug Control Project On the first place We wish her more success
Fanar Club, Faculty of Arts On Wednesday, 1438/6/9 At the Faculty of Science Program on International Women's Day From 10-12 hours  
The Office of Student Activity In collaboration with the Reader Industry Club Campaign entitled Reading Marathon In the public arena for female students    
The Dean of the Faculty of Arts for Girls in Abha and all faculty members With a bouquet of congratulations and congratulations By Ms. Hanaa Saeed Al-Sorour For second place  Excellence Award for King Khalid University (Distinguished Employee Branch) With sincere wishes for further progress and success       ​
The Dean of the College for Academic Affairs congratulates HE Dr. Souad Al Naqir The following members have their names Distinguished by their integrated and complete electronic courses  During the first semester For the academic year 1437 AH - 1438 AH Dr. Khadija Ibrahim Faqih a. Nujood Awad Al Qahtani Dr.. Salma Abdullah Al Gharabi Dr.. Mohamed El Assal Dr.. Maha Ibrahim Qutaish a. Sharaf Mohammed Abdul Muti  Dr.. Najla Sami Al - Nabrawi Dr.. Afaf Ahmed Saidi Dr.. Amr Ibrahim Al - Halaf Dr.. Mervat Reda Ahmed Dr.. Hajar Hamida Faraj                               Dr..Magbolah Abdullah al-Awad ​​​Dr.. Dalal Abdullah Aadam Dr.. Mohammed Shaker Ibrahim Dr.. Abbas Daf Allah Modwy a. Ayesha Abdel Rahim Alawi ​a. Nourah Hassan Alsaissan a.Umm Al-Hafeez Alawi     Dr.. Mohammed Shaker Ibrahim       ed Shaker Ibrahim Dr.. Mohammed Shaker Ibrahim   Dr.. Mohammed Shaker Ibrahim     Dr.. Mohammed Shaker Ibrahim   Dr.. Mohammed Shaker Dr.. Mohammed Shaker Ibrahim Dr.. Mohammed Shaker Ibrahim                                                            
Faculty of Arts in Abha With a bouquet of congratulations and congratulations To His Excellency Dr. Shanifah Mohammed Al-Qarni To obtain the degree of Associate Professor Wishing her success in her scientific and practical life      
The College of Arts for Girls in Abha completed the first semester exams for the academic year 1438/1437 on Thursday, 1428/1428 The results were broadcast to all college students and we congratulate everyone for their success    
King Khalid University, represented by the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education,From the beginning of admission to the applied diplomas for the second semester of the academic year 1437/1438 AHFor students only, the certificates are certified and classified by the Ministry of Civil Service. Diplomas include both applied programming disciplines,Office management for one academic year,It also includes the specialization of Information Systems Programming for two academic years. Registration is done by paying admission fees at the expense of the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education In the Bank of the country, with the need to mention the name of the student in full in the applicant's data and civil record,Note that the deposit is not accepted by the ATM or the Internet,And then visit the headquarters of the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education in Lassan (Former Teachers College)Building No. (2) To fill out the registration form,And bring a copy of the status card and the high school certificate.
Under the guidance and care of the dean of the Faculty of ArtsHer Excellency Dr. Khairia Mohammed Al Hassan And under the supervision and coordination of the faculty of public relations Will accept the faculty of the Faculty of Arts for girls in Abha hean of the College in charge of the current year 1438/1437 Her Excellency Dr. Dawla Al-Mana In the entrance to the college in the presence of the faculty of the college Heads of departments and a large number of members and administrators  At 8.30 on Wednesday, 4 Muharram 1438 AH In an atmosphere of affection and familiarity and expression of joy to take over the Deanship  We ask God Almighty to help her and appoint her and make her mistake  
    The Department of Security and Safety at King Khalid University A training course for security and safety staff at the Faculty of Arts for girls in Abha On Wednesday, 4 Muharram 1438 AH from (9-12) "Principles and Principles of Safety and Security" Presented by Ms. Zahra Said Saleh Hossoush in the workshop   Safety and security are an integral part of every work we do Since safety is a civilized and humane thought The prevention or minimization of accidents Preserving lives and property and continuing guidance for safety management To develop multiple plans and programs to raise the level of safety The safety of installations and the commitment of all to safety principles and instructions And implement them according to the programs, plans and instructions set by the institution at all levels.   The course aims to teach security and safety The basics of aspiring university to reach them, She works hard through development and training And apply quality standards to reach them .. The most prominent of these objectives:   - Achieving a safe, secure and risk-free environment, preventing or reducing risk. - Preserve the health and lives of the university's pioneers and employees. - Preserving the university's property. - Maintain the integrity of the surrounding environment. - Adoption of international standards in occupational safety. - Raising awareness about the safety of everyone. - Remove the hazard from the work area, or reduce the risk if not removed. - Provide a comfortable work environment for the activity.           – اختيار معدات الوقاية الشخصية المناسبة لنوع الخطر.  
The Deanship of e-Learning at the Faculty of Arts for Girls in Abha A series of training courses for female students To teach them how to use Blackboard and benefit from it Where these courses were launched on Wednesday, 4 Muharram 1438 In the e-Learning Lab (21) in Building (A) The third round is presented by Professor Najoud Al-Seif   The importance of establishing these courses is at the beginning of each semester To the provision of e-services for university students Which contribute effectively to save time and effort and increase the student's connection to the member or member And the possibility of continuous communication between them The University administration has been keen to update these services on a regular basis So that everyone can use it to suit his needs, whether students or members   Different dates and days have been set for this session So that all students can attend in accordance with the schedule It is not inconsistent with her lectures, according to what is related to them   It is pre-announced in all the advertising screens of the college So that the student can know the times so that she can attend
Hosted King Khalid University Represented by the Deanship of Academic Development and Quality In cooperation with the Faculty of Arts for Girls in Abha HE Dr. Hanan Al-Olayan, Advisor to the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation On the first day of the month of Muharram 1438 AH Where Dr. Hanan met with the university leaders from the deputies of the supporting deanships and the deans of the girls' colleges in Abha The visit comes in the wake of the progress of King Khalid University For local institutional accreditation by the National Commission for Accreditation and Academic Accreditation The visit is aimed at a field trip And girls' colleges at King Khalid University And access to facilities and equipment in these colleges And to identify women leaders in colleges and support dues Under the direct supervision of the Under Secretary of Academic Development and Quality HE Dr. Hessa Al – Meloud The Agency's advisors and the Under-Secretary of the Faculty of Arts for Academic Development and Quality, Dr. Suad Al-Naqir          
     The celebration of al-Janadriya for the year 1437 AH was activated Faculty of Arts for Girls in Abha Under the patronage of the Dean of the College: Charity Asiri and her deputies and heads of departments The ceremony included a presentation of some of the scenes of the plays and songs circulating ancient And the distribution of some popular dishes as a synch to live the heritage atmosphere The audience was also visited throughout the exhibition Which was created by the participating departments It has several pillars for both: Department of Arabic Language and English Section and the Department of History and the Department of Geography and Kindergarten kindergarten.  
   Organized by the Faculty of Arts for Girls in Abha A visit to the House of social care for the elderly Under the supervision of the Department of Geography It was to bring them gifts in kind and breakfastAnd exchanged with them chatted Which brought them joy and happiness in the hearts of older women They were displayed different paragraphs to them by the tudents of the Department of Geography.  
Department of Arabic Language Faculty of Arts for Girls in Abha It invites you to attend the Arab Forum and Science (Rehab daad) The opening of the exhibition and the Club ((Lady languages)) Wednesday: 15/05/1437 e workshop building (c) the second round at (9) morning